Building your best.

Hi. I'm Aubrey.

Aubvious is my advisory company, where I work with people & companies both large and small to help make them & their companies [happier / more money / work less / grow more]. How lucky I am to devote our talents to what we do best and what makes us the happiest. I'd love to help you do the same.

I take on a select number of clients per year, helping them through times of change, filling open MarComms or Operations roles within their organization, and providing both strategic and tactical support. I've been called a "Swiss-Army Knife" many times in my career. To build the life I want for my family (and maybe, for y'all, too!), I intentionally commit to only a few projects at a time. This makes me the Mama, daughter, friend, and business partner I'm proud to be.

As for me, I am a writer, marketer, & passionate communicator, an Excel aficionado, a vulnerable leader, an enthusiastic connector of wonderful people and fantastic things, and someone who may be able to help your brand, company, or product. I'm also: A solo Mama of a beloved kiddo, a loving daughter, a loyal friend, and a happy, proud, & active part of the Atlanta community. I absolutely love what I do, and am grateful to have the chance to work with and help companies, teams, and people. Hopefully, you!


I've launched startups...and a satellite.

I've worked with small nonprofits and community organizations, as well as with notable folks like Presidents Obama & Clinton, Richard Branson, Jimmy Fallon, & Oprah.

I earned my chops from Google (twice), Facebook, AOL, Digg, and 360i/Dentsu, and bring that rigor to every challenge I take on.

Tactical work includes:

  • Fractional CMO

  • Marketing strategy

  • Go-to-market plans (incl. international rollouts)

  • Co-Marketing & affiliate marketing

  • Paid search/social media

  • Competitive assessments

  • Marketing automation

  • Content strategy & production

  • Video production (Including commercials)

  • Email marketing


My goodness, I love an Excel spreadsheet. My obsession with efficiency is unprecedented. Truly, ask my former bosses.

I have transformed 10,000-person organizations to find millions (more than 4, less than 6) in savings. In 2 months.

I've also automated repeatable processes to save time and keep employees happy, which provides greater employee retention.

Tactical work includes:

  • Fractional COO

  • Organizational design

  • Change management

  • Ways of Working creation/implementation

  • Workforce augmentation/reduction

  • RFP process leadership

  • Offshore program management/creation

  • Software assessment

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Project/process management


Clear, honest communication is at the crux of everything I do. HARD STOP.

I will write that letter to get you a raise. Need to set boundaries with your Mom? I've got you. Thanks, therapy :).

And when it comes to business, I think in character count, know how many letters are in every word without counting - thanks, Google Ads! - and love compelling copy. And, appreciate alliteration. Amen.

Tactical work includes:

  • Fractional comms lead

  • C-Suite ghostwriting

  • PR & comms strategies

  • Copywriting

  • Content Creation (ads, social, blog, long-form)

  • Technical writing

  • Proposal writing

  • Editing

  • Resume / application Writing & Editing

Sound interesting? Learn more here, and don't forget to say hi!