Background & Experience


Google: One of Google's first Paid Search hires (in early 2003), we wrote and optimized AdWords for our clients as "Creative Maxmizers"...our boss was named Max. I joined the Google Analytics team when they purchased Urchin (2005) and moved to California to be a conduit between the sales and product orgs. I also helped with the transition of the dMarc (radio ads) acquisition. I traveled the world, helping launch Google Analytics...and have been to North Korea in the mix.

Digg: Before there were AMAs, there were Digg Dialoggs. We harnessed the power of community to submit and up-vote questions to notable folks, including President Clinton, Al Gore, Richard Branson, Sasha Baron Cohen (in character, as Bruno) and more. I was a leader on Digg's marketing organization, spearheading the intersection of live community events (think: SXSW in the late 2000's) and promoting/monetizing a novel new Ad platform. I've danced on stage with MC Hammer, and have pictures (that you'll never see) to show it.

AOL: Consumer Marketing at AOL was being reconfigured with Tim Armstrong coming in to lead the helm, and I jumped at the opportunity to work with him (and some of my former colleagues at Digg) again. I led the Consumer Marketing team, and worked to bring an aging brand into the current sphere by creating novel campaigns and executions (sponsoring Lollapalooza, which helped us exceed stringent KPIs with a tight turnaround). I also changed the "Forgot my password" prompt for AIM so you didn't have to remember a legacy library card number.

Facebook (Contractor): Facebook Live was still being built, and I came over to Facebook to backfill Randi Zuckerberg when she was on Maternity Leave. We did some incredible things together with a small team; hosted President Obama and Oprah in two unprecedented Facebook Live town halls, created makeshift livestream studios at SXSW with guests like Conan O'Brien, and I was the E! correspondent for the Royal Wedding with a 2am call-time from California. You can also thank me for my website grammar adjustment, and now Facebook's "Log In" button is two it should be.

Google, Redoux (Contractor): Once a Googler, always a Googler. I returned to Google when in New York and worked in the Marketing department, launching customized Android-accessories (including limited edition Cell Phone cases with a bit o' magic included), ran marketing for Android (now Google) Pay and led their APAC international expansion, partnered with FinTech companies and major banks for Co-Marketing initiatives, and helped produce Think With Google as an internal PM between content creators, agencies and our internal editorial team.

360i/Dentsu: I love mentoring/managing great individuals and teams through times of change. Coming on as the new head of Paid Search for the Atlanta 360i office soon evolved from the leader of 65+ Paid Search professionals into the Head of Business Transformation when 360i formally moved into Dentsu in 2020. I grew and led a Global Sourcing (you say Offshoring; I say "we're working with great professionals all over the world; they're part of our team") program from 6 to over 400 teammates across DentsuX, Carat & iProspect. I found unprecedented savings by using data to understand and correct staffing & operational inefficiencies, embracing automation, and focusing on improving people's lives at work via pre-pandemic workforce evolution (including remote working) and whole-self trainings (Brené Brown's Dare to Lead program).


Consulting Clients: And here we are. Taking all of the above (and LinkedIn profile is here), I've run Aubvious as its own Consulting entity since 2007, taking on clients to help them through marketing, communications, and operational challenges. Over the years, I've partnered with branding firms (Red Antler), worked with The Webby Awards & now the Anthem Awards to promote their messages, helped support before-its-time telehealth company Sherpaa, re-launched Foursquare/Swarm, supported Tyra Banks to help market her beauty line, and launched a then-unprecedented television streaming company, Aereo. I've now made Aubvious my main (non-kiddo) focus, and have worked with Wellstar ($4B Healthcare Company) for Marketing & Operations support (leading an RFP process, role clarification, organizational design, Ways of Working creation and adoption), Tanooki Labs (marketing and content creation), Leapfrog Services, Inc. (marketing, operational, & marketing automation support & implementation) and more.